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Posted by Non-Hamster on June 17th, 2011

I don't know if it was Mr. Helpful that sent this particular irritant my way or not but I'm determined to find out and when I do I'm going to think of some suitable dirty trick to play on whomever it was.

This person showed up in my office this morning in spite of the fact that I keep it locked!  For some reason people around here don't seem to be stopped by locked doors.  (I've no idea why that is or how they do it but they do.)

They proceeded to start telling me all of the many ways that they could improve my home and office, not only making it look better but a more efficient place to work and so on.

I have to admit that they had some good ideas that I may well use but one thing I don't get is why they decided that I needed to have samsung lcd tvs in almost every room.  I admit that it would be kinda cool to use one of them as a wall mounted computer monitor but really, who needs to have six of them in their house?  Not me, that's for sure, I don't even watch tv anymore.

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