Another Acronym

It’s interesting some of the things that people will do to language in order to make things easier to say. That’s one of the reasons that acronyms are so useful, they make it easier to say (or type) something quickly. Of course, there IS a problem.. with only 26 letters in the alphabet, plus the fact that an acronym is made up from the first letters of the name of something it is inevitable that they get re-used. I am not a hamster, yet even so I STILL wouldn’t be able to memorize all of these definitions for just ONE.

Acronym: SDI

Strategic Defense Initiative (US DoD)
Safety Data Initiative
Sage Database Inquiry
Sales Distribution Information
Sales-Diffusion Index
Same Direction Interference
Sarawak Development Institute
Saugdiesel Direct Injection (engine)
Science Data Interface
Scottish Development International (Glasgow, Scotland)
Scuba Diving International
Secure Dial-in
Selective Description Item
Selective Dissemination of Information
Senior Drill Instructor
Serial Data In
Serial Digital Interface
Shack/Slum Dwellers International
Shaped Dielectric Insert
Ship Data Index
Ships Drawing Index
Silt Density Index
Simulation Data Interface
Single Document Interface (Microsoft)
Sistemas Detectores de Intrusão
Smart Database Interface
Socialisti Democratici Italiani (Italian Democratic Socialist party)
Socialisti Democratici Italiani (Italian Social Democrats)
Soft Decision Information
Software Digest Incorporated
Solution Datacom Incorporated
Sonic Drive In (restaurant)
Source Destination Identifier (avionics)
Southern Dental Industries
Spatial Data Infrastructure
Spatial Development Initiative (South African private sector development & jobs programs)
Spatial Domain Interferometry
Special Delivery Instruction
Special Duty Identifier
Spectroscopic Diagnostics, Inc (Torrance CA)
Spiral Dynamics Integral
Spiritual Directors International
Stamp Dealers International
Standard Data Interface
Standard Diesel Injection
Standard Disk Interface/Interconnect
State Disability Insurance
Statistics on Depository Institutions (FDIC)
Steel Deck Institute
Steel Door Institute (Cleveland, Ohio)
Storage Device Interface
Stork Digital Imaging BV (Netherlands)
Strategic Diagnostics Inc. (Newark, DE)
Strategic Distribution, Inc.
Strength Deployment Inventory (Relationship Awareness Theory)
Stress Day Index
Subjective Disposable Income
Subtitling & Dubbing International
Suction Diesel Injection
Superior Deicers Inc. (manufacturers of aviation ground support equipment)
Supplier Development Initiative (Canada)
Survey Detection and Identification
Sustainable Development Indicators
Switched Digital International
System Development Inc.