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I Wish I Could Switch Back

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 10th, 2011

Remember a couple of years ago when everybody was scrambling to get ready for "The Big Switch" from analog tv signals to all digital?

I remember it well.  I even got the converter box so that any digital tv signal I could receive would be usable on my tv.  Unfortunately there was something that I didn't count on.  The only tv station in my area, which was barely within range of the analog signal, was NOT even close to in range for the new digital signal.

This means that when that switch happened and they turned off the analog signal I lost all ability to receive over the air broadcast tv.  It wasn't a problem with the converter.  The reason that I later found out from the tv station was that the digital signal has half of the power the analog signal had.  This effectively put me twice as far from the station in terms of signal strength.  The converter box worked fine it just couldn't pick up enough signal to process.

Every once in a while I get it out and try again using various forms of homemade antennas trying to pick up enough signal to make it work.  None of them have ever worked.  Lately I've seen more and more about new antennas for digital tv that are supposed to work where older antenna designs don't.

Not that digital tv needs a special antenna, just that the old tv antennas don't work on the frequencies that digital tv uses.  I'm hoping that with an antenna that is actually made for the frequencies used and maybe a good pre-amp that I might be able to eventually get broadcast tv again.

Not that I miss it all that much.  The main reason I want it is actually because that tv station has some really great coverage during severe weather.  They break into normal programming and go 24/7 commercial free weather coverage for the duration of the storm.  I've never seen another station do that and It's really great being able to be up to the minute with severe weather information.

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