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Tip For Gamers

Posted by Non-Hamster on August 11th, 2011

In the last few months I've been doing more and more with my Minecraft LP (let's play) series on Youtube.  I even started a second series that I think is a tad different in that it's done from Bob's point of view (he's the kinda obnoxious, opinionated gerbil pictured at the top of this blog who has a thing for Star Trek Babes)

Lately I've been thinking that I might branch out a bit and do an occasional video featuring a different game.  As soon as he heard about it Mr. Helpful was by with more of his free advice.  What was different this time was that he had some good advice.  He suggested that I should look into getting gamestop coupons so that I could save money on some of those games that I would be featuring.

Yeah, it's true that gaming can be expensive and if you don’t plan ahead and watch your budget you can find yourself sitting there watching everybody else play something instead of getting in there yourself and trashing some zombies or whatever.

One good way to save money is to shop at Gamestop, and get those gamestop coupons whenever they're available so that you save even more.

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