“Pants Suit” Judge Still Won’t Be Sensible

I’m sure everybody remembers this judge that decided to sue for $54 million dollars because they lost his favorite pair of pants. Well, he’s baaaack!

Judge continues to press pants suit (AP)

AP – A customer who sued a dry cleaner for $54 million over a missing pair of pants has asked the judge who threw out the widely mocked case to reconsider, saying she committed a “fundamental legal error.”

I am not a hamster but I’m beginning to wonder if maybe there’s a hamster between this guy’s ears. This case is SO over it isn’t funny… and I mean that literally. It WAS funny the first time out … for a few seconds, and after that it’s progressed to ridiculous to just plain stupid.

It’s way past time for this guy to go out and buy a new pair of pants, put them on and then sit and think about how many pairs of pants he could have bought for the amount of money he’s wasted on this stupid lawsuit.

There’s another thing to consider too. This guy started out as a judge with at least some credibility. In the course of this asinine adventure he’s completely blown any credibility or respect he may have had. He’s made himself a laughing stock and dishonored himself and his office in doing so.