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Epicman Epicly Fails Understanding

Posted by Non-Hamster on August 30th, 2011

Once again Epicman is showing just how clueless he really is.

He "dropped in" again this morning (and by "dropped in" I mean he literally dropped in right through my office ceiling! without leaving and Epicman shaped hole in it).  His mission this time was apparently to remind me that my computer hardware and certain software wasn't up to producing epic videos that go viral and make me famous.

He actually said "You can't make epic videos with POS Hardware".  Sometimes I swear I'd like to make some kind of an epic end of him. (and if it's epic, he'd probably go along with it!  Weird huh?) The problem is of course that even if I did, he'd still be back (because that would be even more epic don'tcha know)

I had to explain to him (again!) that while my hardware isn't exactly bleeding edge state of the art by a long way, what makes a video go viral has nothing to do with what is used to make it.  That is all about the content and how people react to it.  I've seen videos go viral that were 30 second clips shot on a crappy phone camera while some really slick productions made with the best equipment get a few thousand views and fade into obscurity.

After wasting a full hour with the epic babbler he finally left.  I just wish I knew what it was that made him leave so I could do it more often and on purpose.

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