The ‘Mobile Web’

Phones have been getting smarter and smarter these days and more functions have been added to them. Nowadays it seems like most phones have at least some rudimentary ability to surf the web and communicate by email. We’ve already seen the birth of a new industry from these phones in sms marketing. With the advance of the IPhone and other devices like it, what had been the beginnings of mobile marketing is now growing by leaps and bounds.

I am not a hamster, I can see the changes here. The way phones are going now what used to be considered a mobile website doesn’t really need to be specially made for mobile devices because these new devices can display web pages the way they’re meant to be seen.. just that they’re on a phone screen instead of a desktop monitor. Again, a whole new branch of web industry is springing up because while the iPhone and other devices are coming on strong, there is still a huge.. even growing call for wap site hosting and design services.

An article I read recently “Is the Mobile Web Finally Set to Take Off?” takes a look at the question of whether or not the idea of using mobile (portable, handheld) devices to access the web could finally be coming of age and I think that perhaps it’s starting to. Partly because of the new devices that are light years ahead of what was being made just a couple of years ago and the ever increasing trend for people and businesses to be ‘wired’ and in touch with the home office no matter where they are.

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