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The Quest For Shoes

Posted by Non-Hamster on September 16th, 2011

I need a new pair of shoes.  In fact, I've been needing a new pair of shoes for almost a year now.  You'd think that this wouldn't be such a big deal but between the size 13 thing and the bunions I started growing about six or seven years ago it's not nearly as simple and easy as it ought to be. 

Then again of course I'm always getting suggestions and helpful tips about what I should do about the problem.  One neighbor suggested that if shoes were such a problem that I ought to try boots instead and send me a link.  I checked it out and while I'm quite sure that cowboy rain boots are great, they're also all women's sizes and designs.  Besides which being enclosed in boots hurts even more than wearing traditional shoes.

I ran into another neighbor at the Nutjob Hills diner the other day and he suggested that I should check out osiris shoes.  He said that he'd been wearing them for quite a while and was impressed with their quality.  I had a look and I don't doubt that he's right.  However they have the same problem that most shoes do, they fit snugly enough that they would hurt like crazy.  and don't forget, at size 13 going up a size or two isn't always possible

I've been thinking that if I can't find the walmart brand open toed sandals that I was able to get for three years running that I might just go with some nike flip flops.  They would at least not try to cram my toes and bunions into something tight and painful.  Plus there would be the Nike quality.  I've got a pair of Nike tennis shoes that I've had for I think five years now that are still in great shape.  of course I hardly ever wear them anymoe because even they hurt but they're still good.

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