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Cold Winter Ahead

Posted by Non-Hamster on September 18th, 2011

It's looking more and more like it's going to be a seriously cold winter this year.  Colder than what's normally expected in these parts for certain.

Of course that presents a serious problem.  How to keep the temperature in the house at least above fifty degrees?  It's certainly not going to be my propane powered furnace that does the job because I've only got 100 gallons of propane and that's going to be gone quickly once I have to turn the heat on.  Buying more propane is out of the question because there just isn't any money to do it with.

I was talking about this rather serious problem with someone the other day at the Nujob Hills Diner and somebody turned around from the next table over and started out with "I couldn't help overhearing . . ."

I recognized him.  He was a salesman that had recently pounded on my door at 3:30am.  He wasted no time jumping on a potential sales opportunity and began regaling me with the wonderful features and efficiency of the raypak heat pump and argued eloquently that I should definitely waste no time at all in getting one installed at my home before cold weather hit.

Never mind the fact that this would mean converting my entire home heating system.  Never mind the fact that I had *just* gotten done saying how I couldn't even afford a few hundred gallons of propane.

So I looked him dead in the eye and said in the deadliest, most dangerous tone I could muster.  Fine.  you tell me where I'm going to get the two thousand dollars this is going to cost and I'll think about it.

I guess I did a good job on the dangerous look and sound in my voice because the color drained out of his face and he shut right up, turned around, paid his check and left.

I guess that's one salesman I won't be seeing again.

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