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A Little Early Aren't We?

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 15th, 2011

The weather outside is cool and delightful and with the approach of Halloween people are gearing up to being their most absolutely frightful.  The leaves on the trees are turning color and beginning to fall.  And then today along comes Bob, handing me his Christmas list.

What?!?  Hold the phone a second!  Christmas list?!?  It's not even freaking Halloween yet and the Christmas lists and advertising are already starting?  WTF is this?  Don't you think we're getting ahead of the game just a little bit too much here?

Mind you I'm not especially a big fan of Halloween (other than the horror movies that is, love them) but I can' help thinking that Christmas lists, Christmas shopping, and especially the advertising could at least wait until Nov 1st don't you think?

I know.  Christmas is a huge time for just about any kind of marketing but really, when do we get to the point where even the marketers realize that they're going too far?  Will it be when Christmas shopping season starts after the fourth of July?

So I gave Bob's Christmas list back to him and said "see me in November and I'll think about accepting that list then, not before."  Just call it my contribution to slowing down the commercialization of Christmas.  Not much I know but every little bit counts.

Got a Christmas list already?  How about you put it away for a few weeks and then get it out on Nov 1st and re-think the whole thing.

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