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What A FUN Weekend . . . NOT

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 22nd, 2011

This really "fun" weekend actually started last Thursday when I had an errand to run in the morning.  It started out when I woke up late, having slept through the alarm I had set.  I quickly got ready and headed out to the car.

It didn't start.

Not only did it not start, the starter didn't even click and not even a single light came on.  The battery was completely and totally flat drained.  This means that of course I didn't go anywhere Thursday in spite of having really needed to.  I spent the rest of that day and a good chunk of Friday trying to find a way to either get the battery charged or somebody to give me a jump start

Of course this turned out to be one of those times when all of the neighbors were not around to ask for a jump.  Mr. Helpful stopped by and while normally he would have actually helped for real in this kind of situation, all he could do is suggest that I call the local automotive parts store and see if they would send somebody out to give me a jump.  I don't know what he was thinking because they're running a business and taking time out to make a house call to get a car started isn't their thing.  Now if I'd ordered a new battery they *might* have been wiling to bring it to me but even that's doubtful.  Deliveries like that just don't happen anymore.

While I was dealing with that problem on Friday I had another bit of a special discovery.  My jaw had started swelling again.  This means that I was developing another abscess and that if I couldn't stop it I'd be in for another round of pain that would do it's level best to turn into a migraine.

The part that made this extra special is that I was out of the painkiller that I normally use when this happens. (which sadly is four or five times a year these days.).  You can probably guess what happened next.  The pain began growing and before long I couldn't do anything but wish that the pain would stop.

Friday afternoon I get another wonderful bit of news in the form of a shutoff notice from the electric company.  Unless I come up with $150 by the end of the month they're gonna turn it off.  If that happens my ability to do any of the things I do online to make any money at all will be cut off at the knees with a chainsaw.

Then there's the phone company (which is also my ISP).  They want a whole boatload of money or I'm gonna get a shutoff notice from them as well. 

oh joy.  Can this weekend get ANY better?

I hope so.  There aren't many ways it can get any worse!

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