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This is seriously weird

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 30th, 2011

Things have been slowly returning to normal now that Bob has returned from the Minecraft universe.  The downside of this is that his habit of odd forms of excess have returned with him.

I mean seriously, what does anybody need with 47 toothbrushes?  or seven cell phones? (he uses a different one every day of the week) and will somebody please tell me just exactly how he managed to get not just one but four bridal shower invitations?!?  I realize that he's somehow managed to be popular with the ladies (I just can't understand why, he's not exactly the kind of guy you take home to meet the family.) but isn't that traditonally an event that's attended only by the bride in question and her women friends and family?  How did Bob manage to get invited to ONE, much less four of 'em?!?

In any event, at least his strange excesses are not stopping him from working on Points of View.  A new episode of that should be uploaded sometime later today.

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