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Bob Strikes Again

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 6th, 2011

Recently I mentioned that since Bob has returned from the Minecraft universe that he has quickly reverted to his old pattern of odd habits and strange forms of excess.  Today was no exception.  I saw him in my office this morning.  He was surrounded by no less than twenty five newspapers.  All of them were the larger than usual Sunday editions and he had gone through each one separating out the classified sections and had tossed the remainder of those newspapers in a rather impressive looking pile of newsprint on the floor.

I did my best to remain calm as I asked him just exactly what he was doing. He replied that he was giving serious thought to spending a few months in Alberta Canada and was searching for good Calgary Apartments for rent.  I further inquired why it was necessary to make such a hideous mess in my office and he responded with an irritated tone "don't worry about it" he began "I don't need the rest of those papers and I'll throw 'em out later".

This is the kind of thing I get from him all the time.  If it's not one thing it's another and it's almost always some kind of epic mess.  Sometimes I wonder if he's working with Epicman it's so bad.

Too bad he's only thinking about going there for a few months.  He could move permanently and it wouldn't bother me any.  He could even continue doing Points Of View. All he'd have to do is record his video clips and send those to me and I can do the rest in the editor.

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