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Indecisive Gerbil

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 9th, 2011

That's Bob.  I have to say that him being indecisive is not normal.  He usually has no trouble at all in making up his mind.  He's still set on spending a few month in Canada but now he's shopping for Edmonton apartments instead of looking in Calgary like he was a few days ago. I asked him why the sudden change and I can't repeat what he said.  Not because it's nasty or anything, just that he went on for no less than half an hour covering a dozen reasons for his change.  It was like he was trying to convince me that it was essentially important without giving the real reason.

While I am curious I don't really care which location he ends up in so long as he's available for new episodes of Points of View when I need him and of course, as long as he's spending his own money.  That last is probably the most important since these days I just don't have any.

I can't help wondering though just why it's so important for him to be there.  Then again, he may just have a new girlfriend.  That wouldn't be anything new.  He usually announces a new one three or four times a month.

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