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How About You ANSWER your voice mail?

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 12th, 2011

People are in such a blasted hurry these days that they all too often don't even bother to answer their voice mail.

This is particularly annoying when it's a business.

I mean you'd think that a business would be especailly interested in following up on incoming voice mail because you never know when it's a potential customer or how much you might lose if you don't follow up that voice mail A.S.A.P.

Beyond that, it's just simple courtesy.  Of course I suppose I should know better. "courtesy" is not at all common anymore.  People (and businesses) are all too interested in their own thing to give a flying shit about anybody or anything else.  Even when doing so could earn them money.

While I'm at it, that email somebody sent you that you don't bother to answer for three weeks or more (if you bother to answer it at all that is)

How about having a bit of consideration there too.  I sent an email recently asking somebody a simple question.  It is now almost a month later and I have not recieved so much as a "yes", "no" "go to hell", or "fuck you" for an answer.

Obviously that entity has been removed from the ever shrinking list of entities that I will welcome contact from in the future.

And now today this bullshit with the voice mail that is obviously not going to be replied to in anything even remotely resembling a timely manner and I'm in *SUCH* a wonderful mood.

In fact I feel so special about these two entities that I think the next time I am in contact with either of them I am going to want very much to Quote Arnold in Terminator: "Fuck you, Asshole" and then proceed about my life as if the offending entity does not exist because to me, they won't.

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