iPods For The Troops

I am not a hamster, I mean, like anyone else I’m interested in saving money when I can and I’m also one who thinks that regardless of anything like individual positions about the war in Iraq that military people need support. They’re out there putting their lives on the line every day. Of course, there’s a lot of ways that people have found to support the troops. Luther Sales Furniture and Appliance has a good one in military shopping.

What they’re doing is for every purchace of $2,000 or more, they will send an iPod to an someone on active duty in Irac help lift their spirits. I looked over their website and they’ve got quite a selection of furniture, appliances and home electronics.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind getting one of the video cameras, like the Panasonic 3CCD DVD Digital Camcorder, 3.1 Megapixel, 2.7″ LCD. I’ve been wanting to be able to make videos with something better than a webcam at 15 fps and 640×480 resolution. They have three different ways to pay.. using their LutherCharge card, Active duty or retired military allotments, and of course electronic debit.

I know that it might sound like sending an iPod to somebody in Iraq doesn’t sound like much of anything in the way of support but think about it for a second… something like that, loaded with favorite music, videos of family and friends, can be something that at the end of the day when things are halfway quiet, they can get that out and give themselves a reminder of home and a more peaceful life.

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