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The Latest Aggravation

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 2nd, 2011

There are a wealth of things (and people!) that I find aggravating to one degree or another.  Some of Bob's excesses is one example.  The overall rudeness of most people is another.  Then there's the skyrocketing cost of just about everything.

The latest addition to this list is the changes that youtube pushed out yesterday to just about every part of the site.

In those changes I think one of the most annoying is their choice to use light gray text on a lighter gray background.

Exactly who the imbecile is that first started that trend on the web I do not know but should I ever find out I would love to let it know just how stupid that kind of a color scheme is.

The point of having text on a web page is so that it can be read.  The problem with this color scheme is that it makes text very hard to read.  What they SHOULD do is use something with a high contrast like black text on a white background (or the reverse works great too).

This kind of low contrast color scheme is the kind of thing that internet marketing con artists use to discourage people from trying to read their terms & conditions and privacy policy pages.

It's one of the most aggravating, offensive things a web designer can do.

I can say with a certainty that any web designer who ever works for me will be warned ahead of time not to do shit like that and if they do, they're fired on the first offense.

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