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Unreasonable Thy Name is Bob

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 2nd, 2011

Of all the people that I've dealt with over the years I have to say that on an individual basis I think that Bob is probably THE most unreasonable person I've ever met, let alone worked with.

I can deal with his obsession with "Babes of Star Trek gone wild".  I'm ok with his insisting on having a steady supply of french vanilla cappucino on set.  As long as he keeps the volume down and gets his work done I don't even care that he watches tv twenty two and a half hours a day.

I think however that this time he's gone too far.  You see he wants me to get him a garmin golf GPS watch.  He's been after me to get it for him for a week now.

I have heard countless hours of him talking about it, both to me and to others (making it a point to be where I could hear him when he does of course).  He's been over every positive point about it and how great it is almost non-stop.

Why do I think he's being unreasonable by wanting it?

Aside from the fact that he expects me to pay for it there is only one problem with all this and it has nothing to do with the device itself.

Bob doesn't even play golf.

How could he?  He's only about four and a half inches tall.

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