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Bob's Not Quite Secret Admirer

Posted by Non-Hamster on December 6th, 2011

I suppose that sooner or later it had to happen.  Especially here in Nutjob Hills.  Bob has a "secret admirer".  Though it's anything but secret.  I think most of the town knows about it.

Normally Bob would eat something like this for breakfast, milking it for all that it's worth in every way possible.  This time is different however.  His first clue was the new guitar that the girl bought and the book of easy songs for the guitar....every one of which has over the top lyrics about how much the singer loves somebody and how they're fated to be together forever and so on.

As you can guess, Bob's not too thrilled with this, he's very much the confirmed bachelor and intends to stay that way indefinitely.  The very idea of settling down with one person permanently is totally alien to Bob and I just can't see him changing

However, like the would-be Mrs Helpful, this girl isn't giving up.  She's not deterred by a little thing like Bob's total and complete aversion to the mere topic of marriage.

Instead she's pressing on, beginning a campaign to win him over.

This could make for an "interesting" winter.

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