Will We Have a New Attorney General?

Not that it’s a big surprise but there is once again a fight going on in Washington. This time it’s President Bush warning Congress that if they don’t approve his nominee that the Justice Department will be leaderless. I am not a hamster but that definitely sounds like Mr. Bush knew going in that Congress wasn’t likely to be interested in his nominee and that it doesn’t matter if he’s the world’s greatest lawyer or a civil engineering expert witness or a broom operator.

Honestly, I get real weary of all this politicking going on… These people would rather fight than just about anything… even when they don’t have something to fight about they find something to argue about and reasons to be as negative as they possibly can about the other.

In all of this, every last one of them has lost perspective. They’ve forgotten that they are not there to serve the needs of their party, or to take care of those who contributed to their campaign funds… they are there for the single reason of representing the people who elected them and it’s easily well over a hundred years past time for some of them to remember that fact and act accordingly