Which Direction?

For some time now I’ve been wanting to get “Points of View” started up again. The big question is which direction should I take it?

Should I go with the odd and weird things and stuff that caters to the more common lower form of life that’s only interested in innuendo and naked or nearly naked people?

Or should I instead focus on the more serious aspect by centering my attentions on political and corporate stupidity and outright evil?

The latter would probably not attract nearly as many views because let’s face it, sexual innuendo and so on that caters to the lower range of intelligence (or more accurately the lack thereof) will always be more popular because there are a thousand times as many people in that category.

The thing is, I not only want views, I want to make some kind of a lasting impression and maybe even inspire people to actually think. Something that very few actually ever do more than once or twice in their entire lives.

There’s also the question of whether or not this show should continue to be hosted by Bob or if I should take over as host.

Strange as it seems, these are not quite as easy choices as they would appear to be.

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