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Some Media Actually Helps

Posted by Non-Hamster on January 26th, 2012

I know that over the years I've usually been pretty down on quote "The Media" unquote and while I have to say that by and large that treatment is for the most part very richly deserved, it's also true that there is media out there that is actually run by people that care about doing their part to fix some of the crappy things going on in this world.

One good example is in this article I read recently about how triangle direct media Raised $5,500 for Stop Child Trafficking Now.  Now I know that some will say that this isn't that much money but if you think about it, it's on par with a worldwide media giant raising millions and while those giants may raise a lot of money for good causes they're usually not doing it because it's a good cause so much as because it makes them look good in the public eye.  In fact, for those giants, it's more about PR than anything else.

So when a smaller outfit pulls it together and raises $5,500 I think that in a very real way it's worth a heck of a lot more because while they do get some PR benefit from it, they're usually doing it because it's the right thing to do.

Pity that the larger megacorporations can't do something like that.  For example, Walmart is always crowing about how they've given $100,000 for this or that but when you compare that amount to their profits, it's far less than what the smaller companies do.  100k is to Walmart like a buck fifty is to triangle direct media.  So while their efforts resulted in a smaller number, the value is several orders of magnitude higher.

Long live the smaller businesses

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