What does sound like to you? The first time I saw it I thought it had to do with printer ink, then I noticed the spelling. No, that’s not ink, it’s Inc. … as in Incorporation. Anybody that’s either starting a business or simply has some assets to protect.

One of the the advantages of Incorporation is that it can have the effect of limiting the liability of individual shareholders and corporate officers. I am not a hamster nor am I a lawyer or business corporate type, but I’m certain that this by itself is a pretty good reason for any business to incorporate.

The site itself may well be an “Incorporating Paradise”. It’s set up to make it as easy as they can to set up a corporation in any US state. It’s just as easy to get set up for Louisiana corporations as it is to do so in New York or California.

They’ve also got a page about suggested business structures to help you decide between the various kinds of corporations. LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation and so on. Of course such a site would not be complete without a list of incorporation fees for all 50 states.