Laser Fun

I think that I first became interested in lasers when watching science fiction tv shows of the sixties… From the phaser weapons of Star Trek to the laser pistols used in other shows and movies it was just plain cool looking.

Then somewhere around the time I hit 8 or 9 I saw something in a science book at school about lasers. I am not a hamster, It couldn’t have been cooler if they’d dipped it in liquid nitrogen. It was a real life version of the stuff from tv.

I’ve never lost my fascination with lasers so when I ran across this YouTube Video I just HAD to say something about it here. I would have embeded it but that was disabled for this video. The link is right here: Laser Flashlight Hack!

There’s also another one, How to Make a Burning Laser, that I CAN embed…enjoy…

Now all I need is a DVD burner that I can cannibalize the laser diode out of… *cackle*

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