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My Leg Hurts

Posted by Non-Hamster on March 16th, 2012

A little over a week or so ago I was going about my daily routine when the phone rang.  I turned to go answer it and suddenly a white hot stream of pure liquid pain shot down my left leg.  It was so bad that I was barely able to get to the couch and sit down before I fell over.

Fortunately while the pain was severe, it calmed down for the most part over the next few days.  After talking to a doctor about it while I was at the hospital because some family members wanted me to get it checked out in case it was something serious I came to the conclusion that the doc was right and that it was probably caused by my sudden movement causing a problem in my sacroiliac that pinched the sciatic nerve.

Meaning that my leg is going to hurt for a while until I somehow manage to move in such a way that the pressure is taken off of the nerve.

Of course, because I live in Nutjob Hills nothing is ever really quite that simple.  I've heard all kinds of "theories" about what might be the "real" cause.  One example of how far out there some of them can be is that it's really an allergic reaction to something I've eaten.  If only to humor the person who presented this idea I took the time to scour the web for food allergy information and could not find the first hint of any kind of pain like mine being caused by a food allergy.

Mind you food allergies can cause a number of problems, some of them quite severe but I've never found any hint of one that caused a serious pain in the left leg.

Sound crazy?  Yeah, it does.  But that's the kind of thing you can expect from the denizens of Nutjob Hills.

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