Lazy Day

Ever have a “Lazy Day”?

I’m having one right now. As a matter of fact this is about the 23rd lazy day I’ve had in a row.

It’s a royal pain too. I mean I’ve got things I need to be doing, some of which I actually get paid for occasionally. Most of these things are actually stuff that I WANT to get done. If only just to get them off of the “things I gotta do” list.

The problem is inspiration. I’m having a major shortage of it and that’s a serious problem because inspiration is a key ingredient in most of the things on that “gotta do” list. Without it the results will flat out suck and I don’t like doing stuff that ends up sucking so bad I don’t even want to admit I had a hand in it.

So here I am, trying to find some inspiration of just the right flavor and coming up with zilch.