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Six Wasted Characters I Hate

Posted by Non-Hamster on May 25th, 2012

There is a set of six characters that, over the years, I have come to genuinely hate.  They are seen everywhere in spite of the fact that there is literally NO reason for allowing their continued existance whatsoever. 

Specifically I'm talking about the beginning of every single URL.  They all start with "html://www.".  I'm willing to concede that "html:&quote is needed to designate what kind of rescource we're using.  However the "//www." is completely and entirely unnecessary.

Just imagine the combined total savings in storage space if their use were to be entirely and completely elimniated.

Some will say that the "//" counts as a separator from the "html:" document type declaration at the beginning of a URL however I submit that there is no need for such a separator.  The HTML interpreters used by web browsers could very easily be coded to recognize "html:" as the document type and that anything following it is the domain name, path and file name to load.

Websites work just fine without the "www.".  In fact, years ago I configured all of my websites to automatically redirect to the "non-www" version of the url.  Whether you type the &" or "" into the location bar of your web browser you will still land at "" and your web browser will not complain in the slightest.

I know that six characters isn't much but if you multiply that times the number of URLs in use it becomes a quite staggering amount of storage that is being completely wasted with redundant characters that serve NO useful purpose whatsoever.

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