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King Of The Barbecue

Posted by Non-Hamster on June 1st, 2012

A neighborhood guy, Larry (not to be confused with his brothers Daryl and Larry), has decided to become the next "King Of The Barbecue" in an annual Nutjob Hills competition.

In getting ready for this big competition he's decided to completely remake his backyard.  He has removed the normal stuff, kids swimming pool, swings and all of the kids toys have been moved to the garage.

Then he had the entire yard dug up and replaced with quality topsoil with fresh grass planted.  Then it came time for the hardware.  Larry wasn't about to settle for any normal barbecue setup.  No, he decided to put in not one but three complete outdoor kitchens from  He's got them set up so that he can easily move from one to another, keeping track of literally dozens of different things in various stages of preparation and cooking all at the same time.

In a way it kind of looks like a backyard version of Iron Chef America, only without the Iron Chefs.

As for his chances, to be polite, I don't think they are very good.  I won't say anything bad about his cooking but Bobby Flay he's not, by a couple dozen light years.

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