Semi-Random thought: When I was a kid I was one of the rare ones that never knew beans about sports. I am not a hamster, I just couldn’t get the point of most professional sports that all the other kids talked about so much. I mean, I sorta got baseball but basketball just looked like a way to get worn out really fast and football was a total mystery to me. Other kids spent a lot of time talking about players, trading cards and going to games. I personally couldn’t have recognized something like MLB Baseball Tickets or a particularly valuable baseball card for anything.

Over the years I had trouble with this. In high school people kept trying to get me to play football or basketball because of my height (6’3, 180-220lbs back then) but I just couldn’t see the point. Over the years I finally did develop some interest in football after finally learning about the strategy angles in the game, however I’ll never do more than watch an occasional game on TV. ME? go toa game in person?

Too many people in one place.