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New Orchid smells like sweaty feet

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 16th, 2007

This is just too good not to pass on.  It seems some scientists discovered a species of orchid that smells like sweaty feet.  This discovery is just ripe with potential.  If these flowers can be grown outside of Yosemite, flower shops could offer a kind of "negative opinion bouquet" where a dozen of the pungent blooms are delivered to somebody you're NOT happy with.  I am not a hamster, I know it sounds silly on the face of it but there are plenty of people who would do something like that given the opportunity.

Stinky new orchid species discovered

SAN FRANCISCO - Scientists announced Monday the discovery of a rare, new orchid species that flourishes only in the wet meadows of a beloved portion of Yosemite National Park.

Botanist Alison Colwell said the species' minute, tennis-ball yellow flowers weren't what first led her to it, but rather the smell of sweaty feet the Yosemite bog-orchid emits to attract would-be pollinators.

On an unrelated note, why do they call it a "NEW" species?  It's not new at all.  I've no doubt that this thing has been around the whole time.  It's just taken until now to find it.

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