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More Neighbor Strangeness

Posted by Non-Hamster on June 9th, 2012

If I thought things were weird before, they're really getting strange.

Up until a few months ago there were two houses on my street that had stood empty for years.  Then a few months ago some very strange people started moving unbelievable amounts of stuff into the house.  For a while several of them lived there and then they closed it up and left for parts unknown.  They return every two or three weeks, usually with more things to put in the house.

A bit farther down the street, the other empty house stayed peacefully empty.  Until this morning that is.  At first it looked like it was an ordinary family moving in.  A man, woman, three kids and a large sheepdog.

After spending about two hours moving things into the house, the put the sheepdog inside, locked the doors and left.  Then things got strange.  As I write this it's just past midnight and I've been hearing what sounds like a party going on in that house for about two hours.  It turns out that there is in fact a party going on.

The thing is that the people I saw moving stuff (and then the dog) into the house are not there.  This is one of those nosey small town neighborhoods so even when I wasn't paying attention there has always been several people watching the place.  Folks around here don't trust strangers much until they've had a chance to get to know them.

I called some of these folks to find out what they knew about what was going on.  They all told the same story.  Yes, there's a party going on but there are no people there.  It's the sheepdogs Gladys told me.  There must be a dozen sheepdogs in that house and they're partying like nobody's business.  Drinking and getting all rowdy from the sound of it.

Well, I've said for years that the world was going to the dogs.  I guess it's started.

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