Back Pain Strikes Out Of Nowhere

Y’know, back pain has a way of taking the fun out of things. Lately it seems like just about everything has been going a lot better. I’ve gotten caught up on several things that I had fallen behind.

Then today it started. I’m not sure why other than the probability that I managed to be in the worst possible position while sleeping because I woke up a while ago and just as soon as I tried to move the pain in my back made itself known.

Just walking across the house to the bathroom was something of a challenge. I have found that at the moment I actually cannot stand up straight or even sit straight.

Naturally this is putting a damper on things and making it harder to focus on the various tasks that I have set for myself today. I’m still doing the best that I can to get as much of my “to do” list done as I can but trying to work through back pain is not easy.

Perhaps the thing that is bugging me the most right now is that this back pain means it’s going to be a challenge to get a Minecraft video recorded today because right now it’s really hurting to be in the position I have to be in to do that.

I may end up recording a few minutes worth at a time and then putting those clips together in the editor. Unfortunately however I’m thinking that it means recording the episode will take two or three times longer than normal. The same goes for doing the editing.

Another thing that this back pain is eating into is my ability to sit at the computer long enough to write something. Because of the way that I write, proofread, edit, reread, tweak, etc, a single article or blog post such as this one can take anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours to write.

Given how my lower back feels right now that ordinary task that I do nearly every day and often several times a day is now a serious challenge.

For now however I’m going to hit “publish” on this post and go look for some painkiller. Here’s hoping I actually have some!