For That Aching Back… is more than just another online store. It’s also loaded with information about sports injuries. In addition to things like a neck brace, Back Support Belt or exercise and rehabilitation products (really there’s a whole line of anything you’d need for either treating or preventing sports injuries.), there are a wealth of articles written by qualified experts.

These articles cover all sorts of situations from Back Injuries to helpful articles like the “Guide to Injury Prevention During Exercise” that provides an informative explanation of how to approach exercise without injuring yourself doing so. This page about Back Injuries lists common conditions, their symptoms and a link to a page that goes into detail about that condition.

Granted, I’m not into sports myself, but I am not a hamster either, If I were to get involved in a sport I’d want to spend time reading a really informative site like this to learn about the possible injuries and how to avoid them.

They also know the importance of getting things quickly when dealing with injuries and they not only have inventory available for immediate shipping, they also offer next day delivery within the UK mainland.