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Lawyer Leaves All For Scented Candles

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 7th, 2012

Naomi (name changed for privacy) started out life as a lawyer.  Well, Ok, she actually started life as an infant like the rest of us.  She started out her business life as a lawyer.  She graduated from Harvard Law and soon afterward joined a small Nutjob Hills law firm.

She enjoyed her work, though there was never very much at a time given that Nutjob Hills is a rather small town in Northeast Arkansas.  Because there were times when there would not be an active case to work on for days or even weeks at a time, she spent time on her hobby.

She loves scented candles and a lot of her considerable down time was spent reading about and collecting a wide variety of candles.

Not long ago she had a case, a lawsuit, that took months to resolve and from which she earned a hefty bonus because of winning the suit.

Naomi took a few days off to recuperate and think about her future.  As a lawyer in a small town that seldom has any seriously important cases to deal with she felt like she was wasting her time.  She decided that it was time for a change.  She was not satisfied as a lawyer and just could not see herself continuing that career.

She took the bonus money along with her savings and started aggressively pursuing her hobby.  She began collecting at least a few of every candle scent variety offered by lafco candles, proceeding after that to do the same with a number of other brands of scented candles.

To offset the fact that she was no longer employed she's decided to turn her home into a museum of scented candle history.

Personally I don't see how she managed to have all that variety of scent in her house at the same time without it turning into a mishmash of olfactory offense but manage it she did.

She is now selling guided tours through her home in which she treats visitors to a detailed history of the art of making scented candles, starting with why the practice started.

While I wish her well, this is one tour I'm going to skip.  For me the only interest I have in candles is that I keep a few in the house for emergencies when the electricity, batteries for the flashlights and lamp oil are not available.

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