And They Know This HOW?

Dontcha just love it when some govt official comes along and makes a statement or claim like this that is just plain simply ridiculous?


The government agency credits federal and local programs with “breaking a vicious
cycle” and moving the chronically homeless into permanent housing. A homeless advocate
agrees there’s been a significant effort on this problem.

Why is it ridiculous? Because the idea of getting an accurate count of homeless people is a non starter. How is anyone supposed to get any kind of even remotely accurate count of people that basically live ‘under the radar’? I am not a hamster, you can’t convince me you can get any count worth using of people that may not stay in the same place more than a few days depending on their situation.

It reminds me of Edwin Meece when he flapped his jaw claiming that there weren’t any homeless in America. Another ridiculous statement with zero information content.