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The start

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 14th, 2012

He waited on the grey wool colored starting pad.  People were engaging in the usual pre-match talk.  He took part while at the same time sizing up his opponents.  Then the announcer called for everyone to take their starting positions and the talk stopped and people took on a more serious demeanor as they took their places.

The announcer explained the rules once again.  When the start button was pressed the dispenser at the front of the room would spit out a random bit of colored wool.  The player whose color it was would then advance and go through the door.  Once in the next room they would get some additional gear, also randomly selected.  After that they would leave the building.  On the way out they would be given a potion of swiftness and a map.

The price for this of course was that if you kept the map, not only could you see where others were, they could see where you were as well.

With the explanations done the start button was pressed.  A bit of grey colored wool was ejected from the dispenser and a large door opened.

He stepped forward and went through the door.  As he did so he stepped on a pressure plate which caused the door to seal behind him.  The room before him had a glass enclosed area into which a sheep was dropped from above.  Once the dazed animal recovered from the drop it wandered to one side and stepped on one of four pressure plates.  This activated another dispenser which ejected a pair of iron boots, an iron chest-plate and a stone hoe.

He quickly donned the armor and exited through the now open iron door ahead of him.  As he left a functionary gave him the map and potion.

He headed out, moving straight away from the building.  He knew that others would most likely take the same direction and hoped that by moving and acting quickly he would have the advantage.

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