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Joey's Big Chance

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 14th, 2012

Joey had always been what people called "the musical type".  He enjoyed both listening to and making music.  His lifelong dream was to be able to perform professionally.

Last week he had his chance.  There was one of those battle of the bands type contests.  This one was open only to amateurs.  Of course Joey wasted no time getting his entry in.  He spent the next several days rehearsing several of his favorite songs.

He was really hopeful that he would win and to be honest, he had more than an average chance.  Most of the other contestants had never performed in public at all.  Joey had done so fairly often since he was a teenager and was very comfortable on stage in front of people.

He especially wanted to win this contest because of the prize.  The winner would get to take their pick from a selection of Martin guitars and would also get to perform as the "warm up act" for a popular band.

This was the shot that he had been hoping for.  He knew that if he won, the exposure would guarantee him a career in music doing what he loved most.

When the day of the contest arrived he had to admit that he was nervous but he concentrated on the song he was going to do.  He'd been rehearsing it and several others since filing his entry forms.

The stage manager signaled him.  This was it.  He stood up, took a deep breath and walked out on stage.

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