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Dry Mouth and Sensitive Teeth

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 7th, 2007

Toothache.  You can almost feel the pain implied when you see the word.  Anyone who's ever had any kind of pain involving their teeth and gums can tell you how bad it can get.  And there are more causes to the problem than just something wrong with your teeth.  One of these is dry mouth.  I didn't know this until recently but dry mouth can be a major cause of tooth sensitivity.

I've had plenty of adventures in sensitive teeth ranging from a seriously higher than normal sensitivity to cold foods and drink to air moving over my teeth because even that made the problem absolutely intolerable.  On several occasions it's been so bad that all I could do is spend the day rinsing my mouth with lukewarm (body temperature) water.

Biotine Sensitive ToothpastePainkillers only helped a little and can take anywhere from twenty to forty five minutes to be effective.  Besides which, I am not a hamster, I'm very aware that most common over the counter painkillers will eventually cause stomach troubles if you take them too much.  Besides, they seldom provide relief that lasts very long, wearing off a couple of hours before it's ok to take any more.

Then along comes Biotene.  It does something the painkillers, lukewarm water and other treatments really can't do.  Instead of masking the problem it offers a solution by treating the dry mouth.  I got a sample of it and tried it for a few days.  First thing I noticed was that it had a sort of bubblegum taste instead of tasting like some kind of medicine.

There was a noticeable improvement in dry mouth and gave noticeable relieve to sensitive teeth.  It also put the fire out of my morning "dragon breath".  This sensitive toothpaste is definitely worth trying if you've got a dry mouth problem.

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