Changes In Vlogging

As loyal readers know one of my YouTube channels is used largely for vlogging. I’ve been doing mostly daily uploads for quite a long time now and today I started making a change.

The change is in the overall vlogging style. The videos are longer, a lot more laid back and in them I’m making an effort to give viewers the kind of thing that many have been after me to do for a couple of years now.

This is the first episode of something I’m calling Beyond The Foil. The idea is that I’m going beyond just being the Tinfoil Chef and getting a lot more real about a lot of things.

It’s off to a good start I think and I’m certain that it’s going to be a raging success.

One Reply to “Changes In Vlogging”

  1. I love the new format! It feels like we can betyer understand your world by viewing it first hand rather than in the blank Green Room. Hopefully this change gets you the ratings and positive feedback you need! 🙂

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