More Strange Neighbors

It seems like this neighborhood is doomed to forever have at least one really strange group. I’m talking of course about the house next door to me that stood empty for years until some months ago a bunch of musicians bought the place.

They never did actually move in other than to stay a few nights. What they did do was move in an unbelievable amount of music gear of all kinds. I swear they somehow managed to put six times as much stuff in there than there was physical room for.

The good news is that last week they brought in several large trucks and moved everything out. A “for sale” sign appeared in the yard that day.

The bad news is that it came back down two days later. Today the new owners moved in. Seeing them unload stuff into the house made me really curious. Just how much wrestling equipment do you suppose any one family needs? These people had enough stuff to have equipped not one but at least two full gyms. Possibly more.

I will say this for them however, they’re quiet. The most I’ve heard out of the place is a few odd grunts, groans and other noises that sound like impact events on large pieces of meat.

I’m sure it takes no great imagination to guess that the large pieces of meat are in fact the occupants practicing their trade on each other.

Better them than me.