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Who Has The Strangest Collection?

Posted by Non-Hamster on August 9th, 2012

Somebody recently asked me about the many collectors here in Nutjob Hills.  They wanted to know which of them had the strangest collection of all.

That's a harder question to answer than you might think because of two things.

1, I don't know about all of them.  There's a lot of them and I hear about new ones only every so often.  Sometimes I'll go a week or three without finding out about another one.  Other times I'll hear about four or five in a few days.

2, It's really a subjective question.  What *I* think is weird might be totally passe to you.

That said, I can go so far as to list a few of the top contenders for weird collections.  Markus collects vintage Monopoly money.  Janine has a collection of life size Barbie outfits that she wears frequently.  Billy Jay collects antique wine corks. Jimmy collects broken shoelaces. and to top off this list, Brendan has a display case in his living room with samples of excrement from every variety of local wildlife.

You be the judge as to whose collection is the strangest.  Just bear in mind that this is only a very tiny sample.  There are many many more.

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