Another Round of ‘Google Spankings’?!?

Either that or it’s just still going on. Once again more and more sites are being slapped down in terms of Google pagerank because Google seems to have this silly idea that websites are not supposed to sell links as part of advertising unless they have rel=”nofollow” on them.

I say that’s garbage. I’ll add rel=”nofollow” to some links and not to others based on my own criteria and that means that If I’m being paid for a context link, review or whatever, then those links are not going to have rel=”nofollow” unless the advertiser wants it that way. (that doesn’t mean that a link without rel=”nofollow” is automatically a paid link either.)

Somebody asked me in a comment on a recent Wordless Wednesday post why I was saying “no Google”.

Well, the reason is simple. I believe that Google’s pagerank is being given more importance than it deserves. Yes, we all want to rank as high as possible but the problem is that people have been paying so much attention to Google’s pagerank that they’re ignoring rankings used by other search engines that is just as valid.

I think that it would be a great idea if all major search engines would make available their equivalent of pagerank. Yahoo is already moving in this direction with their Webrank, though I am not a hamster, I still have yet to see a website with a “webrank checker” that actually worked.. clearly it needs work. Yeah, I know, I could get Yahoo’s toolbar. I don’t want to do that for the same reason I didn’t ever get the Google toolbar. I don’t trust it that much.

I have come to believe that what EVERYBODY with a website needs to do is stop focusing so much on Google Pagerank and for that matter, stop using Google exclusively. To that end, in the next day or two I’m going to make a short video tutorial to show how to replace Google with a different default search engine in Firefox.