It Hurts When I Say ‘Dentist’

I don’t generally consider myself to be your basic “Joe Ordinary” type in most matters but when it comes to problems of the kind that can lead to a trip to the dentist I’m right up there with everybody else with an absolutely firm “I DON’T want to go!” It doesn’t matter that like every other aspect of medicine there has been loads of advances in both the tools used and the results that you can expect and yes, I am not a hamster, I know that going to the dentist these days doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be in pain.

It does mean however that your wallet will be in pain unless you have dental coverage included on your insurance. The problem is that even if you have dental, you’re still in for some sticker shock because of the deductibles. Not to mention the fun of dealing with tedious claim forms or the long wait for a decision (or a payment) to be made.

Fortunately there is an alternative in discount dental plans. The benefits of using a discount dental plan are several. There’s no health restrictions, most plans are activated within a few days of starting it and how about this… hassles with paperwork! You just present the plan’s membership card to get discounts on most dental services. Also, while discount dental plans are available to businesses and groups, they also work on an individual level as well.

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