I Said “Small Business Loan”

When you go to www.ezunsecured.com you don’t get blasted with a huge complicated site that’s full of flash and javascript slowing things down and crowding out the whole point of the site. You know right away that it’s all about unsecured financing for small businesses.

Their FAQ gets right to the point and gives you the basic facts about how things work and that if you’ve got a business that’s been around for more than two years you’ve got a really good chance of being able to secure that Small Business Loan you need. From what I saw the whole process is geared to be a lot faster than the kind of process where you spend loads of time filling out forms in quadruplicate and talking to all sorts of people and basically having to prove you don’t need the loan before you can get it. I am not a hamster, that part of financing is something I’ve never gotten and it’s good to see that it’s not always true.