Arkansas State Changing Mascots

This is ridiculous. A while back somebody decided to raise a big stink over the fact that the Arkansas State University sports teams were called the “Indians”. Now, some years later they’re having to change the mascot because some ninny decided to take offense.

Thing is, I’m not a big sports person but I have seen an Indians game or three over the years and I’ve had occasion to see the mascot. The Indian mascot was portrayed with dignity from what I’ve seen. For that matter I’ve learned recently that some of the people assuming the role over the years have been “Native Americans” and THEY didn’t consider it to be offensive or defamatory in the least. Now I am not a hamster but if Native Americans don’t consider “Indians” to be an offensive or derogatory mascot then what the hell is anyone else taking offense for?

I think that more people need to RE-learn what their mothers taught them long ago. “Mind Your Own Business!”

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  1. You called the American Indians who are opposed to race-based nicknames targeting their race and culture “ninnies”. How ignorant and disrespectful of you toward American Indians! Do you even realize who you are insulting? Do you realize that the people you called “ninnies” are all the tribal chairs of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI)? (My guess is that you are so unaware of American Indians that you have never even heard of the NCAI. Have you?) Have you ever researched why American Indians oppose having their race and culture used for the half-time fun-and-games of White sports fans? Don’t you think you could spend a couple of hours on the internet researching this and learning before denigrating American Indians? Is that too much to ask? Do a goggle search on Indian mascots and you may be surprised at why this is important. Did you know that it is not only about offense but psychological harm? Have you read all the resolutions from educational, counseling, psychological, civil rights, religious organizations and especially the many American Indian organizations on this? Please do! Please! After calling them “ninnies”, it is the LEAST you can do. Thank you for reconsidering your view based on some research.

  2. You wrote:
    “Do you realize that the people you called “ninnies” are all the tribal chairs of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI)?”

    No, the people I called “ninnies” are people that have allowed somebody to convince them that they’re somehow being hurt by something that doesn’t even matter to them.

    As for “Psychological harm”, I think that’s another one of those buzzwords blown out of proportion. Yeah, I don’t doubt that some few are “harmed”, but then there’s people “harmed” by some of the silliest things.

    and by the way, I haven’t been “denigrating” ANYBODY. The American Indians are noble peoples. Psychologists and social engineers on the other hand are troublemakers for the most part

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