(Direct) Marketing Your Business

Ok, so you want to go into business on the web. You’ve got your products all figured out and you know what it’s going to cost you for shipping and packaging. You’ve bought a domain name and you’ve designed a web site. You even have link building and other promotional efforts in place to get your link out there where people can find it and to make sure that you’re optimized as much as you can to make sure that your site will show up in search engine results pages (SERPS) when people search keywords relevant to your business and products. But still, that doesn’t change the fact that direct marketing is a very effective way to go.

When it’s time to get that mail marketing campaign off the ground I am not a hamster, when you get ready to buy mailing lists, you need to make sure that you’ve got a list that’s targeted to people that fit the right interest niche for your business. Intec Wholesale Lists has a huge database of over 250 million US customers and 14 million businesses.

Their site does a good job of showing you what they’ve got and there’s links on every page to get a free quote. They do a lot of work to make sure that the information they are providing is fresh and up to date, adding new entries to their database every day. they’ve got mortgage mailing list databases that are sorted into Home Value, Lender Name, Refinance Date, FHA/VA and quite a bit more. If the list they show on the website isn’t enough you can talk to a list specialist to get more information to help you put together a list that satisfies your business needs.

The main list of 250 million consumers spread over 150 million households includes popular listings based on things like Geography, Age, Net Worth, Marital Status, Income and a lot more than I’m going to list here.

Of course, they can deliver your lists in several forms from manuscript or mailing labels to magnetic tape, diskette, CD-Rom. Heck, they can even do it on 3×5 cards or email them directly to your PC with the files formatted to fit your specifications and needs.