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Quality Sound At Four AM

Posted by Non-Hamster on September 18th, 2012

One of the things that I really have a problem with about my new yoga loving neighbor is not the fact that he chooses to practice his art at four in the moring in his front yard.  It's the fact that he does so with hard rock music playing at max volume.

Here's the odd part.  If he were to choose different music, say something classical, I wouldn't have near as much of a problem with it.  Why?  Partly because I happen to like classical music.  It's actually somewhat of a shame that he is wasting his absolutely excellent speakers on the trash that he usually plays.  It is, in my opinion, not music.  Instead it's just a bunch of incoherent loud noise and screaming with a beat.

Now if he were to play Beethoven's ninth symphony on that same sound system... that's another matter entirely.  One of the big problems I've had is that I have never been able to have a really good sound system, part of which is to have quality speakers that actually reproduce the sound as it was intended to be heard without adding distortions, harmonics and various other things that take away from the music.

Even with good electronics behind them, poor speakers simply cannot achieve the results that the better speakers can.  Someday when I'm rich one of the many things I'm going to get is a really good sound system and the absolute best speakers money can buy anywhere.

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