Home Designing Bug

One of these days we’re either going to do one of those full blown home makeover things ( you know, where you gut the house and build everything new) or just flat out build a new place entirely. I am not a hamster, I know that this isn’t likely going to happen overnight but sometimes it’s fun to play out scenarios involving different design ideas and styles just to see what would come out of it just the same. For example I recently saw an advertisement for kohler faucets and I started out thinking about the kitchen faucet. Ours is old, doesn’t look so hot and really ought to be replaced one of these days.

From there it was easy to expand on that thought and just go with brand new Stainless steel kitchen sinks. I mean, why stop with just the faucet when it’s only just a little bit more work to just put in the whole flippin sink assembly (this from the guy who didn’t realize that washerless faucets were the norm these days).

Anyway, While looking around from the faucets I saw something kinda cool looking, kohler water tile. These suckers are really cool looking. The thing mounts in the ceiling and when not in use it just looks like a chrome colored tile. Then you turn the water on and IT is the shower head. Raining straight down into the shower area. Combine this with a conventional shower head and one of those detachable water massage head and you’ve got a shower that’s going to be seriously beyond the ordinary and majorly cool. Who knows what might turn up next?