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Speaking of . . .

Posted by Non-Hamster on September 26th, 2012

Have you ever noticed that just about the time you notice that you haven't heard anything from or about somebody that suddenly you're hip deep in information about them... or they show up on your doorstep?

Well, it occurred to me recently that I've not heard much about Mr. Helpful or the "insistent" person that would be his wife (translation: "crazy lady").  I should have realized the ominous portent in that thought.

No more than a couple of days later I heard that the would-be Mrs. Helpful was furious at Mr. Helpful.  She was (still is I believe) angry at him because he was, in her words, "cheating" on her.

Without even hearing the rest of her rant (really, what's the point of that anyway?) I knew what she was upset about.  You see back when she first showed up he started spending a lot more time out of town.  One of the things he managed to get into was helping nurses in surrounding cities and towns get more reasonable, comfortable and less expensive uniforms.

After a while of doing this almost entirely to stay clear of the obviously insane woman that wanted to marry him, he realized that he was really enjoying what he was doing.  So much so that he contacted some suppliers and started actively selling the wares that he was trying to convince hospital administrators to let their nursing staff use.

The incident that the would-be Mrs. Helpful was angry about was a situation where he had helped a group of nurses convince a seriously old school hospital administrator that it made a whole lot of sense to let them wear Cherokee shoes from mynursinguniforms instead of the extremely tight, uncomfortable and expensive footwear that they had been wearing since time immemorial.

To hear her tell it, he was involved in some kind of strange foot orgy with a quote "gaggle of broads" unquote.

She still can't seem to get the idea into her tiny twisted little brain that he cannot possibly cheat on her because he never agreed to ANY kind of relationship with her, let alone a monogamous one.

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