It’s Not Just The Kids That Think Parents Are Stupid

I think that just about every parent in the country that has school age children have had to deal with this whole “Ferris Bueller” thing to one degree or another and for a whole host of reasons. What’s really even more annoying than that however is the fact that some genius has decided that parents need to be warned about this.


Sure, he looks sick, but any parent who’s seen “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” knows that
their child who’s “too sick” to go to school might be taking after Matthew Broderick.
Here are tips on symptoms for suspicious parents.

I am not a hamster, I know that kids occasionally want to get an extra day off from school for an assortment of reasons. I know this because I was a kid once myself and I pulled the same thing. And parents everywhere can say the same thing… that they have at one time or another put on some phony symptoms to get out of going to school.

Mind you, it didn’t always work. In fact, because OUR parents aren’t hamsters either, they had a pretty good eye for catching stuff like this. Or is this genius at webmd trying to insinuate that we’re not as smart as our parents?